We all have that one photograph. It’s a capturing of time, place and spirit. For me, it’s the photograph my father took of me with my bonus mother. It encapsulates everything I cherish from my childhood, and I have taken it with me to every new stage of my life. Even now, my father and I can reminisce together over how special that time was. In that sense, photography is as important to the people in the picture as it is for those who took the photo and those who care about the subjects.

medium shot of Azia's full body, camera in hand, smiling and looking at the photographer

I’m in love with what I do, but I’m even more passionate about helping you be the best version of yourself, in whatever way you need. Let me capture your everyday, true self. A session with me means that you are able to be natural, removed from the awkwardness of posing for every single photo. It also means that I will be clear in my direction, honest in my assessment and sincere in my intentions. Together, we will capture incredible moments.

So if you’re looking to document any of those wonderful, difficult, impossible moments in your life, from a new babe entering this world, to the loss of a loved one, to a birthday that exists outside the milestones, to everyday life in the home you’ve built, I’m here. I’m here to intimately capture your life. Most of all, I’m here to bond your passions and your life experiences to the people who create the moments between us.


"The photos were super amazing, and we went [to the woods,] it was all very fun and azia did an incredible job."

makyla in black and white smiling really wide

"Azia takes very beautiful pictures!!! She'll make your not so best side your best side ! Definitely worth the time and money."


""Azia did a great job with my family! Two small kids close to bed time to get the "best lighting" and she still was able to make amazing pictures and smiles! Well done and highly recommend."."