Before Booking

I am the former First Lady of the United States and if these photos were leaked it would destroy my reputation…is this secret safe with you?

Well if people saw them, I’m sure they’d be like, “Oh snap Michelle, you’re the greatest good we're ever going to get!” (And this is the part where I apologize for an Incredibles reference but not really) My style is borderline sultry, so I totally understand the need for privacy. I don’t send any images out for editing beforehand and will always let you know before submitting your images to any publications if you've signed the model release. But you should definitely consider it because H E L L O you are gorgeous. 

Do you only photograph women?

Nope, I serve all people and strive to run an inclusive business. If you have a problem with inclusivity, I’m not the photographer for you.

Why should you choose a boudoir session with The Moments Between Us?

 I have the knowledge, the skills, the creative edge and the kit it takes to do the job properly. As a professional photographer, I do not ‘point and shoot’ as I do with my camera phone. I see photogenic opportunities in the surroundings, the location and you. I bring a creative edge and provide a healthy mix of direction and fluid posing for you. I meet you wherever you are.

What if I don’t look as good as other women?

My clients are all different sizes, ages, and body types. Nobody comes to me saying they love everything about their body or that they were perfectly made. None of the images in my gallery are of professional models, because you don’t have to be a model to be boudoir-ready. No matter what you look like, CONFIDENCE is the best feature you can have. 

Do I have to use your makeup artist, or can I do my own?

You can choose! I highly suggest my makeup artist because the transformation is amazing and will elevate you. 

Do I need to buy new outfits?

No and yes.  We can always use some of your most loved items like a cardigan with undies or a strategically placed accessory. Sometimes less is more, though. You don’t have to spend a bunch of money, you can just bring things that are sexy, comfy, subtle or some combination of the three.

Where can I find some ideas for clothing, poses, etc?

You can check out my boudoir board on Pinterest, but don’t worry! I coach you during your session and guide you through posing.

What days of the week are you available for sessions? 

Mondays - Thursdays and Saturdays! Special exceptions can be made!

How much do you “retouch”?

This is a very sensitive issue really, but I trust my instincts to retouch very little. Mostly, if it’s permanent, it stays—including tattoos.  If you absolutely must have it though, I can provide a quote for retouching on a per-image basis. 

Who will be there? Should I bring a friend?

So if you book a makeup artist or hair stylist with me, they will be there initially and for touch ups if necessary, but otherwise no other people will be present. I recommend you have a solo session for the first time, but I do offer discounts for boudoir parties (groups of 3-7). 

I’m older than your average client--is that a problem?

No way, no freaking way. I'd photograph my beloved mama if she wasn’t halfway across the world because I love her confidence and that's truly the most important thing.

What if I want to get a little more… risqué?

Um hi, hello, that’s amazing and I will support you 100000000%. I work on your level of comfort no matter what. 

Will you use my images on your website/blog/portfolio?

I would LOVE to use your images on everything from mousepads to those pens that change when you flip them upside down, but I will respect every inch of your privacy if you’d like. Most of my clients are so in love with their images that they give me a full release to choose images for my portfolio. Some clients prefer that only their faceless images be put in my gallery, some prefer to choose what’s posted, and others are comfortable with anything being posted, as long as it’s after a certain date (like after any gifts are delivered). I honor your complete wishes!

I’d love to do an intimate boudoir session with my sig o — do you offer this? 

Definitely. We do a LOT of face to face consultations though because it’s absolutely imperative you feel comfortable with me and vice versa! 

What if I want beauty-style photos but don’t want to do boudoir? 

Too bad.

No, I’m kidding. We can still do a session where you display confidence and look absolutely polished. 

If you have ANY other questions that I did not address here, please ask and I will get back to you ASAP.

Booking and Payments

How far in advance should I book my session?

If you would like products for a certain date, I would book at least 2 months in advance. If you need them sooner than the return date, let me know at booking and we can get them shipped sooner!

How much money should I plan on spending?

The session fee is $275. On average my clients spend between $700 - $1200.

Can I purchase every single photo taken?

No. There are so many photos taken that it’s impossible to give you all of them and let’s be honest, they’re not all winners because my camera is heavy and I have the upper body strength of a newborn squirrel, BUT you can purchase your entire gallery if you don’t prefer products! If you really want to save a little money and receive all of your photos, this is the smartest option. However I highly suggest getting the albums/metal prints because they’re beautiful and timeless.

Do you take payments?

Absolutely. I completely understand that boudoir is something you may need to work towards—mentally and financially. You may make payments in 3, 6, or 9 increments once your retainer is paid. You may also make a total of two split payments on your product order, but products cannot be ordered until your payments are complete.