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First, the people greeting us were genuinely full of energy as they welcomed us into the store. This is the entrance only movie stars experience, and I loved it. I high-fived about ten jazz hands and I strolled on past the carts which we did not quickly learn was a MISTAKE. 

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IKEA Fishers is a one story and if you haven't seen other IKEA stores, the layout is different, but the room styles are the very similar. My husband, my self, and probably around 200 other people were in line by 10am to enter into the store and buy the non-essential items of our dreams. Since we've been to Ikea before and have pretty much browsed the online catalog every day for the last month, we knew we were getting this one item and only stopped to take the myriad of photos in this post. 

ikea fishers store

NO ONE is more excited for Ikea to be here than me, FIGHT ME. I didn't get to go to the media day but WHO CARES the sneak preview for IKEA Family Members was everything I wanted it to be and more. Of course there were some free things, but I was super pumped to actually get to BUY the thing we've been wanting most! We're also camping out so I'm super pumped to see what other activities IKEA has planned come October 9th.

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Even though they gave us some baller reusable orange bags before we entered, they were not enough for the one thing we planned to get. Are you thinking, "What one thing did you get at Ikea, Azia?" I'll tell you about that one thing, keep reading.

ikea fishers furniture.jpg
cinnamon buns in ikea

On another note, we finally cut through to the part of the store we actually should have cut to from the beginning and began searching through the warehouse. Because Nicholas developed a love for IKEA and IKEA's app is AMAZING, we found the aisle and the bin for our item pretty fast. We also were slightly confused by an arrow that pointed downwards when our item was on the top, so we fixed that for the next people searching for the "nightstand with charger hole "(#wegotyouikea). But of course, we couldn't get there without sampling those cinnamon buns to the left. I know they're not keto appropro but I figure one small bite is like.. 20 carbs, no big deal, and then I just ate meat for the rest of the day. But somehow a carton of them ended up in our cart. Truly, I have no idea how they landed in there. 


Did you really believe that we only bought one thing at Ikea? I'm sorry, you must have confused me with a different human obsessed with home décor for inexpensive prices. And yes, that is not one, but TWO carts. I have no regrets. 

we bought too much at ikea oops

Last but not least, this post was NOT sponsored by Ikea. I seriously just love them. But if you like my outfit/the way I balled out, here are my outfit details:

My hair was done by my beautician, Breezy! Here's her instagram, she's local and she travels (#saywhat!).

I was gifted my beautiful athletic jacket and joggers from Zyia Active! If you want to snag them, you can get them on their website, here and here! The joggers are definitely snug so definitely size up if you're interested in them!

My shoes are from Macy's, I couldn't find them exactly but here's a pair of cute dupes

But if you're excited for Ikea to open, let me know what your favorite area is in the comments! Mine has to be the kitchen stuff. Check out my Instagram for the plates we're choosing between for our first set of adult plates!


zyia active at ikea fishers