Sip and Shop at Kendra Scott

I've been to the Fashion Mall a lot lately! I'm starting to think that maybe I should work there, ha! Last week I bought the cutest apron from Anthropologie last week and if you haven't seen it, look for it around the holidays! I had never been to Kendra Scott, but walking inside, you could immediately feel the brand experience and what the store is about. 


Along with the bubbly and cupcakes, two lovely ladies from Merle Norman were there representing their new lush lips. I forget the first woman's name, my bad, but the second girl's name was Gabby and they're both makeup artists! I tried Glam I Am and Bistro Berry and HEY I look good in both, lol but I love the darker lip the most.


There was a super chic makeup artist, Ericka who braided hair for some of the ladies and loosely curled some locks! My hair was already braided (shoutout to my forever stylist Breezy) so there wasn't much to do for me!

Brittney and I snuck upstairs for a little bit for Sephora's VIB event where I exercised complete restraint (but wouldn't have if Brittney hadn't given me her Sephora purchase gift bag. I really like collecting gift bags. Probably need to stop. 


I also really liked the subtlety of Kendra Scott's holiday advertising. It's non-invasive and doesn't completely overtake the store's values. Plus, they have a super cute catalogue with gift stickers inside for family and friends. 

Not to end on a weird note, but because I likely will, these drawers are easily an underrated part of this store. They have drawer handles that match the gems inside for the Color Bar. What's the Color Bar you ask? It's an entire area of designs with stones they can customize (by color) and put in their respective design piece. Since this isn't the most inexpensive jewelry, this is a creative way to give people more control over their money, and their items. 


Overall Kendra Scott is a 10/10, would definitely recommend!