College Graduation Session at Raymond Park


Amid a thousand other royally blue bodies, I searched for a cap containing newspaper. As I fumbled through a dense row with two middle seats open, I quickly pulled out my phone to send a "Where are you?????????" text, hoping I picked good seats. I pulled out my telephoto lens and scanned from right to left, catching sight of the black and white print on the second try. I found her! I sent a spew of "Turn. Around." messages and finally waved as Makyla waved back. I snapped a few photos of her cap from my seat and waited for the ceremony to secede.

After taking plenty of pictures with family and friends, we made our trek back to Indianapolis to eat and finish the rest of the photos (I'm always open to breaks for food, ha). We went to Raymond Park and found a nice, shaded but not too harsh area around that golden hour and finished up her photos. Congratulations to a new chapter of your adult life!