Nikole + Jonathan | Indianapolis Wedding Session


You can really tell when love is in the air. It's servitude, loving looks, tender words, and a whole lotta googly eyes.  It's not quite magical, but it's real. It shakes you to your core and makes you stand on your tippy-toes. It's wonderful. Nikole and Jonathan are one of those couples who know all too well how everything on your wedding day will not be perfect. While one thing is missing another can be found and so on and so forth.

Our planned location was experiencing some police use, indicating we would have had to ride a bus, carry equipment, walk a mile or so and then prep for the shoot. Long story super short, that was a no! My husband/assistant is very hip to cool locations in Indy (shoutout for being my chauffeur, always) and so it only set us back by about ten minutes. 

The sun was shining hiiiiigh in the sky, which was totally okay for us because of the open space and flexibility of Nichole and Jonathan. I love having the opportunity to work with people who are "go with the flow" because they are so much fun (and they laugh at my cheesy jokes)! My top favorite moment during photographing these two would have to be when Jonathan checked his wife out like she was all that and a bag of chips! Nikole smiled and looked at him with a look foreshadowing a forever love. 

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