In the Wake of Natural Disasters and Terrifying Choices

It is so hard to remain positive in times like these. Often I find myself feeling guilty of living my life to the fullest when over a million people are without power and terrified of what's coming. We've had friends that are/could be directly affected and we've reached out, because no matter how long it's been since we had a conversation, they're still our friends. I would still be devastated if something happened to them. It's hard to be so far away and feel so helpless, but there are credible, identifiable ways to help. 

Text ZHOPE to 50555 to Donate $10 via Convoy of Hope, or go online to Convoy Of Hope.

The Red Cross

The Salvation Army

And here's a list of companies + people who have decided to help, as a hopeful little reminder that people make change happen, not corporations.

IBM, Sainty Nelson, Béyonce, Martellus Bennett, JJ Watts, Gena + Chuck Norris, the Salvation Army, @AustinPetsAlive, Patterson Dental, Southwest Airlines, Christel Khalil, and so many more. 

From this list, you can see the eclectic mass of opinions, political stances, and backgrounds. Be inspired and remain hopeful that these disasters bring us closer together, and not farther apart. I cannot imagine how hard it is to deal with the unwavering uncertainty, the aftermath, and the sheer terror that begets these situations. We've seen the results of Katrina and ongoing recovery from Harvey. I will do all I can to help because that's what we do as Americans. We come together, and we rebuild communities.


To my 800K+ DACA recipients, I sincerely apologize for the choices made that make you feel less than. Less than worthy, less than deserving, less than important, less than enough for this country, less than the average American citizen, less than a criminal, less than a contributing member of this society. This is not the majority opinion throughout my circle, and I fatefully wish it was an accurate portrayal of this country's opinion. So with my sincerest empathy, a free, purely for help, workshop resource for renewal is being put together for you by a benevolent university friend, Ronald

And if you know of other resources, let me know and I'll put them on this list, or leave comments with info!