Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 6.0 -- I Made It to Week Four!

Praying for no achey bones, I started the fit test. I was flailing around all over the place, taking extended pauses to "learn the form" as I like to call it. I had done the insanity fit test. A different Beach Body fit test. A Hip Hop Abs fit test. A Turbo Abs fit test. I mean, I was not looking forward to another one at all. What drew me in to this one though was a friend's results from the last time. She's one of those people that you can count on to see something til the end, and I love that about her. Since you all know (hopefully by now) Nicholas and I are doing the keto diet, this was the next step of my diabolical weight loss plan: exercise! I thought this was the perfect opportunity to jump right in! 


I am EXERCISING. Dun dun dunnnnnnn. And I'm doing it hardcore! Actually it's not hardcore at all. And I'll tell you right now, I don't know the woman in the challenge or anything about her beside the fact that she has a beautiful house she just moved into, four kids including a 10 month old, and has struggles like anyone else. Like I had to do some investigative research to figure out her name was Briana and I've been doing this for 12 whole days! 


It's less than 20 minutes a day (if you don't do the bonus abs, which is a paid program through Beach Body) in whatever area of your home you deem worthy. It's a switch between cardio and strength and I've already become stronger and healthier.  I'm so thankful for my friend Amber posting about the accountability group because I NEVER would have started if it wasn't for her. So the next time you're wondering if you should post something on Facebook to help people, go ahead and do it! It's a group of women (hello, mommies!) and I know everyone participating is super thankful to have real people in the trenches doing the work. Obviously I don't have any kids but that doesn't mean I can't do it!


It's not you, it's me. Honestly, she's just a woman genuinely trying to help people be the best version of themselves, which I'm all about. Plus for those of you with little ones, she encourages you to work out with them, and in spite of them (sometimes, lol). I just have to do the work. 



Honestly, I don't know. I was doing really well and then all of a sudden I just let life happen, instead of making life happen. I know most of it is because on top of a full-time job, I do events, family stuff, side jobs, brand strategizing for small businesses, etcetera (because the list goes on and on). While I am organized in accomplishing what I have to do for other people, I haven't been completely organized in accomplishing what I want for myself. So if anyone wants to be my personal workout/accountability partner let me know. My last goal for the year is to lose like 20 more pounds and I really don't want to do it by myself.