Review - Shhhowercap

I do not wash my hair. And if that sounds weird or different, it's just the truth. I have a beautician (shoutout to my girl, Breezy) and in between I just wing it. That's why products like these matter for people like me.


You guys know that I have a TON of hair right now. I mean seriously, there's a lot! And I don't know about you, but my process in the shower involves wrapping a scarf around my head with a plastic shower cap and doing some ninja maneuvering in the shower to avoid getting my hair wet!  You can see my review of it below, and my husband's pretty fun camera skills! 


 What drew me to this though is the founder's unique and bold personality. Jacquelyn De Jesu founded this multi-MILLION dollar shower cap company! She has a background in advertising as an art director, which should come as no surprise (hello, the packaging!) and she found something that worked for her! 

She seriously seems like such an amazing person. She had an idea, she kicked butt to get it out there first, and then it she did it all unapologetically, which I live for! Browse the styles here