Keto Recipe - Buffalo Meatballs


I do NOT always follow exact measurements, I use this food scale. So if you're a beginner and you have questions, definitely comment and ask or message me. I'm ALWAYS available to help! 

This is a mix of the two recipes on the right, buffalo chicken dip and buffalo chicken meatballs.

Keto Recipe - Buffalo Meatballs (1).png


Make the sauce last! Prep everything first. EVERYTHING. Once the sauce gets going, you have to keep stirring it or it gets that cheese film. That's fine after the meatballs have cooked but not before for me. 

It's better if the cream cheese is room temp, but it's not the end of the world. It just takes longer to get saucy.  

I use foil on my baking pans because I'm quirky like that, but some of the meatball will stick to the bottom, so I'll probably just use a glass casserole dish in the future. 

Also I definitely just like ... threw the meat into the mixing bowl after I mixed the ingredients (whoops) so don't do that. 

 The finished product!

The finished product!