Keto Recipe - Chicken + Spinach Casserole

A little FYI: I do not use exact measurements for everything, but if you have questions, let me know! I do use this food scale to be round about, though.

Modified from the recipe on the right. ALSO I didn't do this right like... at all. But I still liked it after the second try!!

Keto - Chicken and Spinach Casserole (1).png


There is absolutely 100% difference in frozen and fresh veggies. (I know, duh!) I don't think I'll go back to frozen because when I made this once before, I thought I could bake the veggies into it and it'd be okay BUT it was not. I let the veggies thaw once and put them in the casserole, too. Nope. Frozen to fresh veggies in casseroles are a hard no from me.

I need/want a bigger casserole dish. I have one that came as a part of this little set, and this recipe typically makes four servings, so two for me and two for Nicholas, but that's only two days and I like to have leftovers. I'm thinking about this one, though. 

I also need some cilantro, I think that would have made this top shelf.