To All The Goals I've Loved Before

I’m sorry that I’ve been distant. 2018 felt like one long slow motion slap to the face for the better part of the year.

On top of coming into 2018 with a better perspective, my words were focus and forgiveness.

If I really look back, I needed focus to really set my business up the way it was supposed to be, and create a plan to help me produce the best photos possible. I also needed to focus and make a plan to educate myself and learn about design in terms of what works (and what definitely doesn’t). I did both of those. Because of my business planning, I was able to invest in myself through my equipment (hello artificial lighting), my education (Tomayia Colvin Education, thank you very much), and I finally upgraded my computer from a 2012 version to a 2018 version. That’s my humble brag as a result of hard work, determination, and most of all focus on the end game. Because of this laptop upgrade specifically I was able to cut down my editing time and turnaround for galleries by 40%. I also invested in some software that helps manage the time it takes for me to figure out answers to your questions, ha! That’s HUGE. I also became close with some banging folx that I consider to be really good friends now (see that post here).

My other word was forgiveness and I was so anxious about this because of how terrible I felt I was being at the beginning of 2018. Looking for doctors and other healthcare professionals was such a nightmare when it came to making sure my needs and concerns were met with understanding and compassion. Well this year I found a doctor who took the time to listen to me and let me know that I wasn’t alone in feeling like I was unforgivable. Although it was much more complicated than simple unforgiveness, I would have deep pits in my stomach that made my heart race and gave me an extreme sense of vertigo. All I wanted to do was lie in bed under our fluffy, king-size duvet but I wasn’t getting good rest anyway. My doctor, a wonderful lady named Dr. Yang made an observation that I might be a little depressed. I agreed with her because now I don’t feel like such a failure. In the words of my husband, “I feel like I’m being who I’m supposed to be.” I don’t let my mistakes get me down and keep me there. I forgive myself for not being perfect 100% of the time. That pressure doesn’t control me anymore.

So for the new year, I don’t really know what my words are yet because I really do feel like I’m living how I was meant to be: with joy in my heart and a positive outlook on life. But I do have a few goals set:

  1. I want to create more partnerships with businesses in the Indy community and surrounding communities.

  2. I want to continue to work on personal projects and find time to photograph what fuels me.

  3. I will teach Nicholas to edit video so he doesn’t continue to pester me about not being able to make a Youtube channel and let the world know about the silly things we do.

  4. I will maintain a better system for organizing client timelines, from the time anyone inquires with me to the end of the gallery reveal and product ordering session.

  5. My pricing is going to increase to reflect the amount of time, effort, and commitment The Moments Between Us brings to the table.

Last year especially, I would have pooped a brick thinking about that last goal to be honest. But I finally value myself and feel that value in my core. So to all the goals I’ve loved before: thank you.