I Don't Really Believe in Being Lucky in Life

It seems that people like to blame their good fortune on the sheer measure of happenstance. I just don’t think that’s true. I think you manifest your mindset and people are drawn to you when they’re supposed to be. I’m making this list because in a year I want to be totally surrounded by really cool people, and I don’t want to take these cool people I already know for granted.

In any event, I’m taking time to write why #herfriendshipmatters, and if you have people you want to share about, please do! I love hearing stories about friends.

If you’ve read my post about my struggle with the words I chose for last year, you’ll know that I just needed help and support. This is a really just a sappy post about the people that have impacted me in such a serious way in no particular order, and yes, it’s picture free. (:


I have had the best time getting to know you. What brought us together was the dumpster fire that was TBC but we have such a genuine friendship even with you being all the way in freaking Iowa. Ya’ll allowed me to stay in your home after I needed a mental break from Indiana life and I hold you so near to my heart. Whenever I think of genuine friends, I love that you come to mind because internet friends make the best friends.


Having known you for like .. one trillion years, I never get surprised at how much we know each other but I love having support from you and being able to support you, too. Through the years, we’ve drifted away and back and I’m glad adulting has taught us that we really need each other. I know I need you because of how much I Facetime you, lol. I couldn’t imagine not having someone there to listen to me gripe about the everyday throes of being me. I’m so proud of you for growing and being your own person even when it’s hard because it reminds me to do the same.


You know I’ll never forget the time you drove us around Muncie and you almost killed us because you didn’t know what the stoplight was doing. I laugh so hard when you asked, “BUT DID YOU DIE?” And I remember even more so how you drove me back home to my dad’s for that break before you headed home yourself. I was so stressed out and felt unloved and sharing that car ride with you was a testament of your character. You’re the cherry on top of all of my Harry Potter love and I’m glad to receive your work Snapchats all the time along with the dogs, ha.


You always laugh with me, hang out with me, and make time to be a friend. My oldest, best memory is from high school show choir days. You were one of the few people I felt like I could talk to and genuinely wanted to hang out with. I love getting to be a part of the comedy night life because we laugh all the time. College separated us but west side living brought us back together, which is so peculiar since we’re not there anymore! You’re the nicest person ever and you’ve always made me feel like I deserved to be your friend, even when I don’t say the best things.


Oh good golly goodness, I don’t think I could say enough about how appreciative I am of you. You’re determined, hard-working, innovative, hilarious, and honest. You came into my life at a time when I felt super hopeless about my direction for the future. Working with you and being your friend made me see that the hustle is only limited by what someone believes they can do. From inviting us to your home, to introducing me to new clients, to allowing me to work under you, to helping me finish cooking my first turkey and probably giving people the poops, you’ve been a genuine addition to Indy living. I couldn’t imagine what I’d do without your help all the time and I’m always going to be grateful for your spunk.


You were one of my TBC silver linings, too. I got a few, but you really take the cake. From allowing me to second shoot with you to just being a friend in general, you have helped me have more confidence in my ability, even though it was probably high-key trash at first (and might still be sometimes, ha). Your little babe is so loved and it’s exciting to see all your updates. I know you’re going to be the best mama ever because you are so kind and caring and give the best hugs already.


We go so far back and it’s awesome that we’re still putting in the effort to know about each other’s long distance lives. Our values align so closely so I don’t have to explain stuff to you, because you just get it. You do so much for the Earth and for everyone around you without letting anything steal your shine. You’re the best kind of ally and mover of mountains any gal would be lucky to have on her team. You know what it’s like to be pooped on and it makes you bold and strong-willed. I’m thankful to have been able to see you over the years and your honesty has always kept me well, honest. HA.


You randomly came to my house for dinner and I’m glad because you laugh at all of my jokes. ALL OF THEM. I’m probably a hot mess express but you’re the best ever and I love that you let me come hang out with you and even let me swim in your neighborhood. I probably swam the most I have ever swum last summer alone, haha. I’m so glad to get to know your family because who knows where all of you will be in ten, or even five years. You and Andy set such a beautiful example of work/life balance and I love you for making time for me—especially when you’re already so busy.


Geez, you’re so special. You make having a family seem so relatable and familiar because there’s no smokescreen of rainbows and sunshine. You embody womanhood as someone who is open and complex, but wise and gracious. I was so in awe of how your story unfolded and later came to admire your resilience for living as wholly as you knew you could be. Your passion about the throes of addiction and overcoming obstacles give me hope for friends and family I didn’t think I could help.


Thanks for taking a random chance with me and being the perfect definition of a small business owner—inventive, reliable, community-based, kind, and authentic. While we don’t get to hang out a whole bunch one-on-one, I do get to watch you grow and sow into the lives of other people. You’re constantly full of happy feels and you have the kind of vibe where you’d comfort someone who came into Boomerang crying, and that’s amazing.


Every stinkin’ day I am so thankful that you reached back out to me and we became closer friends. This last like .. two years? (dang) has been hands down the roller coaster of my ups and downs and you’ve been there for all of them. You’re gonna be such a good mama in the whole wide world and I’m glad to be a part of your human parenting adventure. When you feel like you’re doing bad I’m going to be right there with Harms McGee to tell you, you’re not. You care so much about doing the right thing for people who need it and we’d have a much better world if people could sit in any uncomfortable feelings like you.


GIRL. Nobody understands my will to live this life like you and from the first time we met I felt so happy to know you. You’re so funny and we can literally look at each other and start laughing. That’s how I know we were meant to be friends. Your chirren are so cute and you make momming look easy. From photoshoots to video chats to boat parties I genuinely love hanging out with you and having fun. You offer the best advice for being a woman in today’s society and understand the extra-ness that comes from being an extrovert and let me be myself.


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