How to Give Your Pet(s) the Treat of A Life Time

For as long as I can remember, I've had pets. My very first little slice of responsibility came with fish in a neon blue tank where everyone could see it in from the living room. One day we came home to the presence of their floating death (I still don't know why to this day, thanks mom) and I was crushed! So after I mourned their death at our toilet funeral, I begged my mom for a pet I could well, pet. My mother, being the precious, free-spirited, parent I know and love, decided a ferret would be a formidable mammal pet. At first I was I appalled, but I grew to love Magnet, my slinky little house friend. I made a friend for life, and when he left us I didn't have many photos to remember him by as well as so many of my other pets growing up. Thankfully I get to take so many pictures of my pets now because of the digital age, but I also try to get pictures of my husband and I with them. They're not always excited about the photos, however they do look super cute, and I'll remember their little faces forever.

When I first decided on doing mini-sessions, I knew that I didn't want to do them often and I didn't want to do anything I already offered. As I don't do pet photography outside of my super cute animals, I knew that capturing people with their little friends would be the most adorable way to celebrate people. These are people who elevate pets to platinum family member status! Seriously, sometimes I believe that we don't. deserve. pets. This incredibly precious duo turned trio turned quad (is that the word for four subject groups?) took advantage of this and we took some pretty rad in-home style photos of the cats, Scarlett and Bobbin with their owners: Gabrielle and David.

Scarlett is a calico cat with black and orange splotches over white fur, and Bobbin is a Maine Coon with tabby markings.

From Gabby: "Scarlett came into my life during a very low point in my life and really helped pick me back up by being the sassy princess that she is - she's my best gal. Bobbin has been a part of my family since he was months old, when he was rescued by my sister from an abusive household. I took him in a couple years ago and he's my sweet little buddy - the personalities of Scarlett and Bobbin complement each other very well."

I think the best treats we can give our pets is our love, and after that is their memory in our hearts. 

Fun Fact: not pictured is the amazing beer bread that I was treated to because David bakes stuff. I don't like beer but this bread gave me life and they are now among my favorite kind of people in the universe.