Indy Music Spot // Danger Scene with Parallax Noise, Lucy Furr, and The Breakes

I'm always going to be a fan of local music, I just can't help it. But I have to be a little choosy with my time commitments and whatnot so when I saw The Breakes were performing, I had to go! This led to seeing a fave in the making, Danger Scene!

two guys standing next to each other with their band sign behind them

I absolute love love LOVE Irving Theater and Shark Mouth Productions. I’m so pumped that I stumbled upon them on a random outing because it has been the most amazing little find. On top of finding bands that you can rock out and edit to, you get to meet some pretty cool people aka my friend Ann. 

This go around we started with a married duo, Megan and Joel Worsham, from Parallax Noise! Parallax Noise is definitely my editing sessions kind of band. They have a sound that makes you want to sway as you stand there and just think about your life. From their page, "Parallax refers to how things look different, from different perspectives." I felt this in my soul as they performed! They're appearing this Saturday at The Emerson Theater at 5PM with a ton of local bands, too! 

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The next band was Lucy Furr. .. .. Get it? Because I sure as heck didn't at first. I legitimately thought this was a one-woman show. Joke's on me, because there are in fact THREE people in this band. They're real metal. Like, the Scott Pilgrim v. The World real metal. From their page: "Inflicting loud, angry, and generally unpleasant music on the greater Indianapolis area and beyond." It was loud and it was angry. If that's your style you can listen to them here on bandcamp!

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My new faves, The Breakes performed Sing It Loud which I really love and new songs from their latest release Ignacio! They're a fun group of four rad dudes I first encountered on The Cannibal Kids tour, although there were only two that time, and three this time. So I'm guessing the next time I'll get to see the mysterious fourth member, Joe. WHERE DID YOU COME FROM, WHERE DID YOU GO? I'm kidding, but if that song's stuck in your head I make no apologies. Their about me sometimes includes: "When we're not drunk we're good sometimes." So I think they're hilarious obviously, and they're from Brownsburg. I didn't really know how to slip that last bit in there, but now you know. Learn about them here.

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Here's a pretty cool gif of Adam X2 rocking out. He swears he's seen this, but I'm not sure.

Here's a pretty cool gif of Adam X2 rocking out. He swears he's seen this, but I'm not sure.

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And last but not least, Danger Scene performed some electro-pop rock! Danger Scene consists of two Kansas-native brothers, Matthew and Michael, who now reside in Nashville. They started the show out with led-infused outerwear, paralleling their unlit standalone led panels and dual fog machines lining either side of the stage. Eventually the jackets came off and on went the panels, silhouetting their energy-packed movements across the stage (Michael) and on the drums (Matthew). Of course I could give you a play by play for all of their set, but you really just have to see them live.

My other kudos to them is their merch (#blessup). Everyone around me knows how serious I am about branding and how your brand is the experience you provide, which in turn can shape how your target market feels about you. The music industry is a little bit different because you can have the BEST merch in the world and still sound like rubbish, as well as vice versa. Thankfully that's not the case here. Their shirt bases are from Bella+Canvas, a super soft, true to size, environmentally conscious brand that I cannot love enough. Band tees are going to be my new aesthetic (#sorrynotsorry) And really that's all the praise I can personally give to these two. 

They were #2 on the Christian Rock Billboards for their single, "I Wanna Be Famous" for a freaking year. So ya know, they're the real deal. You can see that video here, follow them on Instagram here, and like their Facebook page here.


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