Bridal Session in Indianapolis, IN

7 plus years ago we bonded over a love of all things show choir. This included full belting, choreographed sashaying, and genuinely good vibes. It's so hard to imagine that we were so carefree and full of joy about the smallest things, specifically patterns like zebra print. But from Ben Davis High School to Ball State University to for real adult life, she's been one of the most joyful, God-focused spirits I have ever met, and I love that about her! She glows with the grace of past experiences, and the wisdom for future obstacles.

To be completely honest, I was so excited to photograph Amy I couldn't sleep! I kept rethinking my shot list and what I wanted to make sure to capture because I love that Amy's dress was originally her mother's. It didn't look quite like this back in the day, but the alterations are so timeless and fitting in this modern world. Amy was worried about getting the dress to zip, but it zipped up just fine and looked simply amazing. Shout out to her friend for helping her with her makeup because she looked stunning!