Cannibal Kids Touring with The Breakes, Fern Murphy, Aeves, and Kevin Jones

A man and a woman were sitting at the window bar of my favorite coffee shop and immediately I loved their aesthetic. I didn't know if they were strangers meeting for the first time, friends, or what have you, but I knew I had to at least ask if they would let me photograph them. The woman smiled sweetly, and she seemed kind of shy, but I knew she was polite because she took my card anyhow.

Walking to my car to get my camera, I happened to look around at the Irving Theater and glanced at a sidewalk sandwich board with "THE BLOOM TOUR" handwritten in big chalk lettering. I hadn't been to a live local show since I swore them off in middle school after my 32gb video iPod was stolen and my short little life was ruined. I try to avoid them at all costs, but my interest was sparked. 

I grabbed my camera to enter into the show, but the man sent me a message asking me if I could get a picture of the woman without her knowing. Okay, so I'm not sneaky at ALL but I told him I'd try. As soon as I rounded the corner to take the photo, the woman got up to use the restroom and immediately spotted me. I don't think I played it off well, because the guy was laughing and threw out an, "Aw, dangit!"

I left to start back towards the show, and lo and behold, they were going there too! Sadly, I didn't get to see much of them after that, but I did see one of the coolest shows of my life. The first opener was Kevin Jones from Indianapolis, a kid who's seriously got his chizz together. Honestly his social media + merch game was some of the best I've seen for an up and coming artist. His sound was definitely indie pop as he described, and his newest self-produced EP reminded me of a super chill time walking around town and embracing a carpe diem mindset. You can see his super sweet website here, where you can stream his EP, Simpler Times. 

After Kevin performed came Æves from Louisville, Kentucky comprised of Molly, Matthew, and John. What I loved most about their set was that it made me think of 90s movies where the protagonist finally gets their life together, starts making better decisions, and becomes a better friend to their already amazing friends. It's the revolutionary, resolution song. Their entire streaming, listening, downloading triage is available here!

Next was Fern Murphy, a trio based out of Indy with a soft sound that makes you think about sitting underneath a willow tree in a park as people ride by on their bikes and smile at each other. I might have sat in this lonely chair and made unnecessary eye contact with their lead singer, Gabriel. They performed a song Benjamin wrote and with Tommy on the drums, they got the crowd up and moving together. You can hear their latest song, "Black Saturday on Spotify!

Then there were two of the four members of The Breakes, who had a crazy high energy that elevated the room. The drummer/singer, Chris Kelly, and bassist, Adam Vorndran, were so good together. When they said there were more, I was like WHAT HOW AND WHY but I'll just have to wait until their next show to see how great they all sound together. My favorite was Minivan Blues and I think they have the kind of music that I will (and currently do, I guess) play loudly as I drive down the road in my baby Fiat with those oversized circle glasses and one hand fist pumping out of my open sunroof. 

Last but not least, Cannibal Kids came out and rocked. that. place. I was blown away to see their stage presence and how all four of them came together with this beach -y, grooving with a surfboard sound. My favorite all time favorite song they performed was "Sun" and it took me a solid hour to learn the song and belt the lyrics in front of my mirror as I twisted my hair. It's safe to say that any music that makes it to "wash day" is a bonafide win. They finished their tour but I'm sure they'll have more in the works! Listen to their album BLOOM here