JORD (pronounced Yuh-ord) Watches Are the Chizz

In Instagram stories, snapchats, and basically my entire life, you'll see me sporting a wooden watch. If you're curious, it's a Jord and I truly love it! If you're thinking about good gifts for Valentine's Day, this is the gift you want to keep on gifting, ha! Get it? You get it. I'm about customer service, so let me tell you why this is about to become the hottest watch in the new year.


First of all, I had made a mistake when I ordered this women's wooden watch. I thought my wrist was 15cm, which is crazy small wrist-wise, and definitely not the wrist size of a curvy goddess like myself. Second, I didn't notice this until TWO DAYS after I received their confirmation of my Frankie 35. I know. BIG uh oh. Third, even when I had been a turd in ordering, they still sent it to me ... ON TIME. If you're like me and constantly doing crazy things like ordering stuff in the wrong size, you know how irritating some companies can be. So round of applause ladies and gents, because this super cool watch comes from a company with even cooler customer service reps.


As you can see, this box packaging is dope af. I was a little scared it would be stolen because of the holidays and it seemed like there had been more trouble with people stealing packages. It wasn't obviously, so I got to open up that fresh wood-smelling encasing, and I do mean fresh wood-smelling. It's like pine and cedar made a love child and landed right in my heart (that imagery tho).  The reviews are so mixed but I haven't had any trouble with this watch. Now I don't wear it as much as some people might because if my Apple Watch has taught me anything, it's that I don't truly deserve nice things (RIP series 1 screen). However, I do frequent running into every possible surface in my house despite living there for two years, and it is AOK. 

There are so many more styles of Jord, which make me really excited to host a giveaway! I LOVE helping folx, and this means you get to try products that are a little more free (some would say discounted) all because we're cool. That's pretty sweet. Take your chances to win a $100 gift code to use online with this giveaway link, or you can get 10% off instantly. Don't wait too long though, because some styles are low on stock the last time I checked! 

The link for my watch is at the end of this post! It's a little different like me, my favorite color is green and I'm a sucker for dark accents. It's dreamy and cozy and makes me think of cuddles by an imaginary fire with the love of my life. And in case you thought the love of my life was hubbo, it's actually this doggo named Flora.