10 Items to Make Life With Pets Just a Little Simpler

Happy #NationalPetDay! I absolutely love my puppers, even though they're not small puppies at all! Flora is long haired and Finn is short haired, but they shed just about the same! Also Flora's hair grows back in super patchy, so she kind of looks like a Dalmatian if a Dalmatian looked like a terrier mix, ha! 





Photo Jan 03, 5 24 19 PM.jpg

1. bObsweep Jr -- I love this! I was skeptical but Nicholas convinced me it was worth it. They also sent us some Ghirardelli truffles! I don't like chocolate anything but that was super sweet!

Photo Jan 03, 5 31 46 PM.jpg

2. Rubber Toothed Hair Rake -- This is especially good for those weird corners only your pet gets to when you're away. This rake also makes it easier to get underneath the stove, the cabinet, etc.

3. Baby Gate -- This is basically what it sounds like, just for our dogs. Finn is really strong and pain tolerant so we needed something sturdy that he could propel himself over trying to get up the stairs. It's great.

4. Mega Lint Roller -- One big lint roller or a small one is perfectly fine. If you're like us and found a sectional couch in like new condition for $25 dollars almost four years ago that's moved three places with you, then you know that leather materials helps curb sticky pet hair. We don't own any leather materials so stick lint rollers it is.

5. Dryer Sheets -- Now I get the gentle ones because I don't want them sniffing/licking/itching because of the scent of the sheets, but these are a Godsend in between washes when it rains. Just rub them down with two or three and you're good to go!

6. Doggy Place Rug Runner -- We picked this up in store and a MOUSE jumped out of the center. It turns out the mouse was furrowing in all the rugs. I screamed but after we checked ours for any more peekaboo mice, we bought it and left.

7. All Natural Treats -- Finn has a stomach of steel but Flora is the pickiest eater. It's like she knows if we get her organic food or not. Finn would probably eat the cardboard if we let him. But they both love these equally.

8. Racquetballs -- If your dog is a chewer, these are the toy for them. Finn chews through everything. I know that sometimes it's a sign he's bored, but sometimes even when he's resting he tried to eat my newly installed carpet. So they are practically indestructible, even moreso than the supposed Kong toys everyone raves about.

9. Metal Crate Liner -- We crate our dogs when we leave for work, but Finn has a metal liner because of that chewing thing he does. We have a heating pad underneath so it isn't cold and he chills in there.

10. Pill Pockets -- I think I've mentioned it already but Flora is our picky dog. She's very smart, almost too smart for her own good, so if she has a to take a medicine, even a chew tablet, she's not having it. We stuff them in here and they are both good to go. They smell weird to me but the doggos love them!