Prom at Indianapolis Canal Walk

So I'm really about meeting our neighbors and being the friendliest of best friends with the, okay? I mean, HELLO, your neighbors are close and they're the friends you never have to drive to see! That sounds awful, but it's true. I had window-stalked these neighbors since they had moved in, waiting for the perfect opportunity to invite them to dinner and bake them choco choco chip cookies. I heard the wheels turning from the trash can and psyched myself up, ready to go downstairs and meet our coveted neighbors. 

To this day, I absolutely LOVE them and their daughter! Sabina, originally from Spain, turns out to be one of the coolest high school students I've ever met, and she's the sweetest. When we initially planned to shoot at the canal we were rained out but this time we were determined (and willing) to have something for her to remember about her first prom! Her prom was at the DOLPHIN PAVILLION! Are you kidding me? Unfortunately we got there just in time for Sabina to sit down and commence with the festivities. So even though it was raining, the wind and the clouds were in our favor, making for a lot of naturally bright photos. This young lady is absolutely gorgeous!