At Least 10 Things to Love About Black Panther

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First of all boo, if you haven’t already seen the movie, you’re slacking. It came out three days ago in the states. It’s already been way too long. Hop on Fandango and reserve yourself a ticket, right now.


-If you see it in theaters, you already know that most of the audience came to slay, because this is the cosplay for which we’ve all been waiting.


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-Letitia Wright’s Shuri is the teenage sister we all want but also can’t live with on the regular.


-Michael B Jordan’s Erik Killmonger

-All the beautiful ways in which black women are portrayed: fierce, beautiful, graceful, elegant, scared, courageous, supportive, compassionate, loving, independent, intelligent, immovable, cunning, daring, unifying, loyal, emotional, and yes, angry.

-The incorporation of culture relevant to our generation — both with a comedic value and a historical value

-Danai Gurira having the absolutely most precious smile you’ve ever seen.

-A movie where a white man is not the most cunning in a series of villainous ploys.

-Michael B Jordan’s styled dreadlocs.

-The attire, flawless and inspired from African tribes

-Michael B Jordan’s gold teeth and angry face

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-Michael B. Jordan’s hipster Erik Killmonger


-So you understand why the Essence covers of the main women and men will be on the walls for years to come

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-Because Chadwick Boseman’s T’challa is the hero for whom we will never stop rooting


-Lupita Nyong’o representing her Suri tribe is meta.


-The display of a regal, affluent, Africa, and not the common tropes of poverty and disarray


-Stan Lee’s foolishness


-Angela Bassett performing in a role meant for exactly her.


-Angela Bassett presenting effortless, silver dreadlocs


-The soundtrack, c’mon son.





The revolution will not be televised. The revolution will be live.

Also if at least 100 (different, don’t play) people legit comment on this, I will buy five tickets (one per person) to a movie theater near you. #WakandaForever