Why I Love Weddings!

I cannot begin to tell you how awesome they are. If you've been in one, you know that a lot of preparation makes for the greatest kind of celebration of two people joining together. And if you've been around long enough, you know not enough preparation dampers the day. And because I love lists, I've outlined three very important reasons why I love weddings. 

It's the greatest reminder of how love is an action word.  



Man, when you see two people smiling through the things that go wrong, comforting each other, reassuring each other, it puts your heart in a different place. You enter into this euphoric, nostalgic fairytale of when you didn't quite know if magic was real and your worldview was jaded. It takes you somewhere idealistic before your dreams fell before you. It's enchanting.  (Shoutout to Max and Frankie)

Everyone displays selflessness to ensure the happiness of two people. 



Not everyone is lucky to enough to have divorced parents or split families who mesh after the heartbreak. But when it does happen, it's inspiring and astounding. In today's world especially, we disagree so easily without thinking of other people. We put ourselves before everyone and anyone else and beat on our chests, demanding to be understood. That's just not what weddings are about. Two people plan for each other and their guests, their family and friends plan for them, it's an endless cycle of giving.

And last but not least, THE PHOTOS! I mean, hello. Ya'll know I'm a photographer. There's absolutely no way that wouldn't have made this list. 



I cannot express the appreciation I have for wedding photographers. Every wedding is unique because the people are, and those moments deserve to be captured in the best possible way. But when I'm editing a candid reaction, I relive that moment and see other people expressing their joy for those two, all because of their love! For me it's definitely about the photos, but those moments are what make the photos worth printing out and hanging on the living room wall.