It’s not the easiest to be a jack of all trades these days. As a photographer, graphic designer, and brand consultant, I know. Maybe you need a photographer for your every day life. Maybe you’re planning a wedding. Maybe you’re a small business trying to figure out how to prepare for this upcoming quarter. I’ve been there, and I absolutely get it.

We all need different things at different times, and it’s so much easier having one person you get along with and consider family to help. From redoing a business website to planning a wedding timeline to taking super cute photos of kids living their best little lives, I’m well-versed in all of it.

Simply put, I’m a traveling, black, feminist (womanist) photographer and graphic designer catering to the LGBTQ community, marginalized communities, and small businesses for all of their social media and professional photography needs.

Looking for the flower girl’s earrings in a clear tote that your mom brought in and set on a table by the entry way but PLOT TWIST it’s been moved? BOOM, I’ve found it.

Looking for a logo that represents your values and doesn’t cost you all of your limbs? Cool, I got you.

Trying not to pull all of your hair out thinking about taking family photos in the summer heat with a child that refuses to smile? No problem, I am the perfect jester.

I’ll try my hardest to do everything you possibly need, but if I can’t personally do it, I know someone who can. Let’s make something happen!