I love this picture from a girls’ trip because I don’t really remember what I was saying. I do remember my friend Sierra saying, “You deserve to have pictures taken of you, too.” At first, I was a very hesitant to say, “Well of course I do!” But the more we progressed during this trip, I said, “Okay,” to a picture with confidence. I believe in that statement. We deserve to have pictures taken of us. We deserve to have someone show up, talk to us, be our friend, and take our picture.

That’s what I’m about here. Whether it’s for a project or something personal, you deserve high-quality photographs that bring past conversations to the present. You will hire me, and have my full support for whatever it is you may need—because you deserve it. All the moments: big ones, little ones, and everything in between, deserve a spot on your wall, a memory in your mind, and a place in your heart.

I’ve been photographing the greatest faces and places on the planet for almost a decade (yeah, since high school because I’m not that old), and thankfully we’re past those beginner years. I get to enjoy what I do because I’m confident in myself and my product. You deserve that reassurance from your photographer, because we don’t always get a second chance to get things right. Yeah, I know specifically what I do and do not photograph, and have a great group of photographer and videographer friends to give you if I’m not the best fit. That being said, if you’re interested in something you don’t see—email or call me! I love to help simplify the process for who would be perfect to help you.

I’m pretty laid-back for a type-A personality, and my clients are, too. We plan and get excited over the details of a project and take satisfaction in a job well done. We’re the type of people to text each other pictures of our animals trying to destroy everything we love in our homes, or memes about the latest shows on Netflix. We’re not just friends, we’re family. We love on everyone and accept everyone. We respect everyone’s time and value their presence. Welcome to the family.